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All contracts must be signed by the Land Title holder (s).

New Services - Application Form


Application for Natural Gas Service

Construction 2018
Domestic : $9,450.00 ($9,000.00 + GST $450.00 + $1.00 membership fee)        

Grain Dryer Contract:
UP TO 6 M BTU: $18,900.00 ($18,000.00 + GST $900.00)

Grain Dryer Contracts over 6M BTU are subject to review by the Board of Directors

Central Peace Natural Gas Co-op will contribute 10% of costs to any member whose cost of installation exceeds the Government Grantable threshold

Construction costs include: service, equipment, pipe, fittings, construction, installation of regulator and meter to your property.
10% OF CONTRACT & GST due upon signing of contract.

Property Transfers:

Transfer contracts will be charged a fee of $100.00. Our servicemen read the initial and last reading of the property transfer date.

Rental Property:

Central Peace Natural Gas Co-op holds the contract with the property owner. There has to be a Consumer / Renters Acknowledgement  Contract  in place and signed by both the consumer and the renter before gas account can be billed. Due the Privacy of Information Act we can notify the consumer if renter falls in default.

Secondary Services: 

If you require additional gas lines for : shops, garages, out buildings or primary alterations from the original gas line we provide the service at cost to you.

Click before You Dig! or call l 1-800-242-3447

Please allow 2 full working days for line locating to be completed
The safety of all individuals is at risk; explosions, fires, injury, property damage or loss of life.

Cost of repairing cut lines and associated costs are the responsibility of the excavator