Hit a Gas Line


Hitting a natural gas line is dangerous

  • Leave the area right away & maintain a safe distance,
  • Call our office immediately (780-864-3873) with a landline - no cell phones unless at a safe distance away.

The consequences of hitting and/or severing a line range from property damage, loss of service, injuries and fatalities.

The financial and/or legal burden of repairing the gas line is carried by the party directly responsible for the damage.

Please REMEMBER that if a line is hit the costs will include emergency time on labor, equipment, and travel (additional over-time rate if after hours) as well as materials used and calculated gas loss.

Reminder that locates are a FREE service through AB One Call. 1-800-242-3447

Call Immediately, even if you do not smell gas or hear it escaping

Do not try to repair the line yourself.

You should also:

  • Keep people away from the area,
  • Allow gas to vent into the air,
  • Put out any cigarettes or open flames,
  • Shut off any equipment,
  • Remove anything that could spark a flame.